Wax thermostats

Since 1988 thermostats and thermal switches are made in our Hungarian plant in Szigetszentmiklós (near Budapest).

These products are mainly used in:
– aircrafts
– boats
– snowmobiles
– motorcycles
Even today, these mechanical products that are solely controlled by the temperature of the cooling water, are used in large amounts for a variety of applications.
Advantage of our proven thermostats:
– Small footprint
– Constant opening temperature
– Low manufacturing costs

Our know-how
Our know-how is the production depth of about 90%, which allows us great flexibility and leads to short development times and production launches. Together with our customers, new products are developed and made production-ready in our own testing facilities. The waxes we use are developed and manufactured by ourselves to make them operate perfectly in the required temperature range.

Our innovation
Our innovation: Electrically heated or electrically powered thermostats.
Time does not stand still, that’s also true for those kind of products. In our laboratory, we are currently developing thermostats with heaters or solenoid valves, which control the function of the thermostat via the on-board controller and run independently of the cooling water temperature.

Advantages of this thermostat variant:
Optimal fuel combustion = reducing fuel consumption
Reduction of pollutant emissions
Increase durability
Improvement of overall performance