145 years Bing - 85 years BING engine parts and systems

    • In 1866 the Bing brothers founded a metal products factory for household appliances and later became the world’s largest toy company.
    • 1926 Fritz Hintermayr, armed with years of experience from his positions with Mars and Zündapp, became a freelancer and began with the distribution of motorcycle parts.
    • In the 1930s, Hintermayr bought the brand BING and the gas water heater manufacturing conglomerate from BING, who did not survive the contemporary world economic crisis. As early as 1933 Fritz Hintermayr could win the carburetor developer of Erich & Graetz and they collectively developed the “BING carburettor”. The production of these engine components was until the end of the last century, our focus.
    • In the past decades, BING has acquired many companies, I am thinking of Erich and Gratz, Fischer-Amal, Pallas, and the Encarwi Soldery of FHN, and has adjusted its production program again.
    • In 2001 the assets for the throttle and pump production of SU Automotive (formerly Skinner Union) were aquired from the company DANA and were transported from Birmingham/England to Nuremberg with over 30 trucks.
    • In 2004 we formed a 100% subsidiary – BING Power Origin in Hungary. With throttle bodies (since 1984) and oil jets (since the late 80s) this added new products to our current priorities.
    • I want to thank the generations of employees, as well as our customers and our suppliers who have contributed to the high technical standard, our renowned quality and our reputation. The good cooperation with the workers’ council deserves a special mention here.
    • BING has experienced ups and downs during this period and can look with confidence to the future. This can not be taken for granted for companies located in Nuremberg. Nuremberg as an industry site is undergoing a profound process of restructuring for years now. The same is true for most of our important customer groups, the motorcycle industry, manufacturers of engines for the leisure industry, as well as the automotive industry, in which we are increasingly moving. A permanent adjustment to the continuing cost pressure, global competition, even globalization in general confront small and medium size suppliers with major challenges.
    • I wish all the staff here at BING and our customers and suppliers to continue the partnership to a successful future. From my side I will do everything possible, to pass the enthusiasm for BING – that drives me for more than 38 years now – on to you.

Managing Director