Goals & strategy

1. Finances
Only if we make a profit, we can continue to work on our goals and work out solutions for our customers. A major challenge here is the elimination of waste and focusing on innovative products and services. Our integrated risk management is used to prevent development, production, legal and income risk.

2. Customer focus and partnerships
Building partnerships and networks with customers and suppliers fosters trust, knowledge sharing and integration. The knowledge about the satisfaction of our customers enables us to improve this further. We want to achieve greater market share and customer loyalty with positive surprises for our customers (faster, better, cheaper).
We are constantly working to achieve “zero defects” and understand the phrase as a philosophy – not a one-dimensional target.

3. Processes
Only when we know and measure our processes exactly, we can improve them. Productivity and efficiency is ensured through the strategic use of different manufacturing technologies.
Set-up time, fewer parts tourism, avoiding waste, identifying bottlenecks, all this leads to an increase in our service and speed improvement in productivity, quality and environmental performance.
By monitoring our indicators we achieve transparency about the development of our processes and can take action early.

4. Culture
At the beginning of the 21st Century, we are faced with the task as a manufacturing company in a globally increased competition on the one hand to protect jobs here, but also other ecologically compatible and thus sustainable production. Compliance with laws is a matter of course.
Our employees contribute through teamwork and taking responsibility in ensuring that we operate successfully in our markets.
Continuous learning and innovation will ensure that our jobs and the whole environment creates daily joy. The subject of communication deserves special attention.
Education and training have always been part of our BING culture.